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Playstation 4
Working with some of the most creative minds in the industry, PlayStation 4 delivers breathtaking and unique gaming experiences.
400 Million CHIPS
55 Million Chips
Tetris game with mirror function, fast move and bombs.
Flip Screen Shooter Starter Kit
he Flip Screen Starter Kit is an ideal introduction to this type of shooter genre. The kit gives you an example of an active introduction home screen, and scrollable level select screen and 2 pl...
Bella Design
It's time to open your own fashion boutique! Together with our main heroine, Bella, an attractive and adventurous girl, you will take a thrilling adventure into the world of style and fashion. Ther...
Jumping Buddy
Jump! Run! Dodge! Help Buddy the dog make his way home through the zoo by jumping on top of the moving platforms while avoiding wild animals and zoo security guards! Venture through the Anima...
Breakout Velocity
Breakout Velocity is a wall busting game with forty mapped levels and an infinite random level generator. The wall gets gradually lower, there are pickups and the game is fully 3D.
Enchanted Forest
You are the Troll Wizard, your mission is to travel to the distant Evil Castle where an evil wizard has taken the troll's magic crystal. If you do not stop him he will soon bring darkness to the wo...
PC remake version of the 1980s classic Plentypede. While remaining as close in spirit to the original as you can get, the PC version is presented in modern 3D fashion. The award winning game conc...
Quan Yin Mahjongg
Design your own Mahjongg tiles and levels in Quan Yin Mahjongg.
Xing Texas Hold'Em Poker
Texas hold'em poker is the most popular poker game worldwide, played with a typical 52 card deck. You can find it in countries all around the world, from casinos to cardrooms, online and in home ga...
Xing Roulette
Xing Roulette lets you play both European and American Roulette on your PC. Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003 1Ghz Processor 64Mb RAM 32Mb Graphics Card Sound Card 5Mb Hard Drive Space
eXtreme Demolition
Extreme Demolition is THE car demolition game, featuring no less than 6 games modes.